Captain Oi!  - 2000

New Wave, Rhythm & Blues, Punk


1    Do Anything You Wanna Do    
2    Quit This Town    
3    Telephone Girl    
4    What's Really Going On    
5    Ignore Them (Still Life)    
6    Life On The Line    
7    (And) Don't Believe Your Eyes    
8    We Sing...The Cross    
9    Beginning Of The End    
Bonus Tracks
10    I Might Be Lying    
11    Ignore Them (Always Crashing In The Same Bar)    
12    Schoolgirl Love    
13    Till The Night Is Gone (Let's Rock)    
14    Flipside Rock    
15    Do Anything You Wanna Do (Live)    
16    What's Really Goin On (Live)    
17    Why Can't It Be (Live)    
18    Distortion May Be Expected


EDDIE & THE HOT RODS - Life On The Line CD

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