Taang! Records - 1988



A1    Made To Love You    
A2    What Am I Supposed To Do?    
A3    Oozing For Pleasure    
A4    Everytime I Do A Fart    
A5    Get Away    
A6    Pretty Face    
A7    There Was A Time    
A8    Mickey Juice    
B1    Figaro    
B2    Fuck Society    
B3    Yuppies Suck    
B4    Something About You    
B5    All Washed Up    
B6    Ache To Touch You    
B7    Why Don't You Just Shut Up?    
B8    Nerds    
B9    Got A Baby    
B10    Stairway To Punchbowl

HARD-ONS - Dickcheese LP

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