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Alternative Tentacles - 1996


Punk, Experimental


A1    Sometimes I Get This Urge    3:30
A2    The Blood Is The Life    3:33
A3    Have You Ever Been Conned?    2:29
A4    Psychic Attack    4:11
A5    I'll Do What You Say    2:40
A6    Do It Now    1:39
A7    It's Okay    3:39
B1    Gas Station Speed    4:00
B2    I Will Always Love You    4:36
B3    Mommy And Daddy Were Alien Gods    2:45
B4    Goliath    2:55
B5    No Mark! No Milk!    1:39
B6    I Am Not Afraid    5:48

THRALL - Chemical Wedding LP


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