ON THE ROAD...SIEMPRE TOUR! is the first official video about the 
european tours of the italian streetpunk band LOS FASTIDIOS, on the road since 1991. 

In the ON THE ROAD section a tour documentary with images about the 2003/2004/2005 european tours (street, stages, backstages, studio, etc.) 

In the ON STAGE section the images of the gigs in Praha (CZ) at the Unite Fest 2004 (30/05/2004) and in Milano at the Rolling Stone (02/12/2004). 

In the VIDEOCLIPS section the four videos of the songs: 
- Rabbia dentro al cuore (2002) 
- Animal Liberation (2003) 
- Johnny and the Queer Boot Boys (2004) 
- Antifa Hooligans (2005) 

Live tracklist of the STAGE SECTION: 

Live in Milan (I)(02/12/2004): Johnny & the queer boot boys # Birra, Oi! e divertimento # La nostra città # Contiamo su di voi # Amici # La vera forza # Last night another soldier # You'll never walk alone # Antifa Hooligans # Fiumi di parole # Non sarai mai solo 

Live in Praha (CZ)(30/05/2004): No leaders # Cuba libre # Fiumi di parole # Non sarai mai solo # Animal Liberation # Questa musica ci appartiene # Un giorno capirai # Skankin Town # Dal Basso # Ya Basta # Johnny & the queer boot boys # Birra, Oi! e divertimento 


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