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Detour - 2002


Power Pop, Mod


    Side One (Studio)
A1    You're Gonna Lose That Girl    2:40
A2    Train    2:09
A3    Out On My Own Again    3:03
A4    She Really Shook Me Tonight    1:42
A5    Misfits    3:13
A6    Love And The Army    2:18
A7    Take Me Time (To Forget Her)    2:50
A8    I Can See Through You    3:13
A9    Fuck Art Let's Dance    2:42
Side Two (Live)
B1    In Crowd    7:10
B2    In The Night Air    2:29
B3    Misfits    3:01
B4    My Girl    2:43
B5    Out On My Own Again    2:38
B6    Anyway Anyhow Anywhere    2:38
B7    Club DJ Outro    

NAME (THE) - What's In A Name? LP

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